By long tradition, expertise and love for food we managed to combine traditional recipes with our aesthetic, our personal view to offer something unique. A product, for us, is not considered a complete and satisfactory creation to be offered to our customers, if not made from fresh ingredients of excellent quality.

In ‘Athanasiou’ stores we believe that quality ingredients are a major factor in the production of the perfect outcome. We insist on the best local raw materials for our creations. We use top quality chocolate and fresh milk in all our recipes. We also prefer whatever is in season and also avoid chemicals and additives.

Main point of our philosophy is the transparency in the production process. All our stores are designed with the largest part of production to be visible so that our customers can see close up our insistence on quality and freshness, to take part in the production process and still enjoy pastries on the spot.

Apart from the small workshops located in all ‘Athanasiou’ stores, we have set up our factory in Messini area, which is designed according to the specifications of ISO 22000: 2005 HAASP. Since 2004, it has been the production centre of our business to offer our customers high quality standard food! Our love for good quality food, combined with our enthusiasm for creation and the excellent service are three of the qualities that are to be found in every Athanasiou store since the very start in 1992. Through constant development all those years we would like to continue progressing and attract more people to be part of this journey with us.


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